Set up a Debian i386 environment on an ARM computer/SBC.

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Set up an emulated Debian i386 environment (Stretch, Buster doesn’t work at the moment with emulation) on an ARM computer/SBC. Requires Debian or one of its derivatives like Raspberry Pi OS (previously Raspbian), Ubuntu, Kali Linux etc to be installed.

Tested derivatives of Debian on which i386-arm can be set up

  1. Raspberry Pi OS (previously Raspbian) Buster
  2. Ubuntu Server 20.04

Untested derivatives of Debian (might work)

  1. Kali Linux

Tested hardware

  1. Raspberry Pi 4B

Untested hardware (might work)

  1. A Mac computer using Apple Silicon with an ARM Debian VM running on it.

Setup i386-arm on your ARM computer/SBC

You need to download i386-arm at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RudraSwat/i386-arm/master/i386-arm and run the below commands in the terminal:



The wiki is available at https://github.com/RudraSwat/i386-arm/wiki.